they have witnessed your
interactions on occasion
have seen photos of you
sitting side by side
and the word happy is
a recurring descriptor

so you ask me
the more objective one
do i really look happy?
and i ask you
the more important question
do you feel happy?

4 thoughts on “reality

      • Assume nothing… but I still do cos’ it never came to me, a situation, when I was asked this question.
        There may be people who peer into the hearts, not only the faces, but I have never found them- those who want to see the reality… hence, I had to assume something.

      • I hope you find them, because they’re out there. But even the people who ask these types of questions must accept whatever replies they get, so it’s not the answer, but the questioning that’s key and I’ve found that I don’t ask myself this particular question often enough.

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