sleeping at the bottle

she had him strapped on
chest and belly against hers
arms and legs spread
socks-covered feet dangling
at the sides of her waist

neon fabric and stitching
hugged his soft back
while long black straps flowed
under his arms, over hers
crossing her back
and wrapping around
his diapered bottom

he was only half through
his mid-morning bottle
but already the muscles
in his neck and eyelids
were returning to the
relaxed state they still
knew so well

sea of leaves

I may be ten miles
from the coast
but some late nights
when the roads
are silent of cars
and a persistent breeze
blows through, rustling
the wind shredded leaves
of the banana plants
outside my window
I close my eyes
and drift off
to the lull of
ocean waves


nine hours of wakefulness

and I am ready for a nap

my breathing slows

eyelids grow heavy

towards sleep

I start to slip


wanting it



a face flashes in my mind

I jerk awake

all desire for sleep vanishes

her smile remains

like the afterimage of lightning

across the night sky