black friday steal

we stayed up until two
while the family slept
the deep sleep of satiation
thanks to discounted turkey
and cheesy casseroles
prepared but once a year

we covered a lot of ground
my nephew and i
though this was our first year
working together and
strategizing for success

we scored a rare uninterrupted
rambling conversation about
school and family and politics
and money and life and love
and more all in exchange for
only three hours of lost sleep

water sounds

a water main ruptured
in the adjacent alley
a few late nights ago
and i sat listening
to the river rushing by
at the sound of thousands
of gallons of water, wasted

my mother woke the next
morning to the same roar
but heard potential in the
furious flow of that false
stream and gathered some
of the gutter-bound liquid
in buckets for her plants