chance of rain

it rarely rains here
like they say it will
forecasts are changed
percentages adjusted
my hammock taken down
only to be put back up

there were clouds
thin wispy layers of gray
with bright blue patches
and fingers of brilliant sun
sneaking through
all afternoon

but no rain
just the broken promise
in those scattered clouds
delivering a sunset
painted from a palette of
yellows deepening to
oranges turning to
pinks before fading
to grays

i brought my hammock in
as the sky darkened to a
thirty percent chance for tonight

i’ll hang it again tomorrow


i fell asleep to neary resisting
thida‘s invitation to the movies

i woke to the reader
on my stomach
and two gray hummingbirds
excitedly twittering
twelve feet above
one over my head
the other my feet
exchanging multiple
short high-pitched chirps
and hops and wing flutters
until the first flew off
leaving the other to
chitter loudly to itself

the little one finished its song
as thida was sent away
so neary could finish her chores

“how do you like that?”
i asked my now quiet companion

it responded by
crapping on my calf
and taking flight

unfair to ask

they still say
you were easy
never a picky child
a bowl of rice
a piece of fish
was all you needed
you did not crave
complicated dishes
did not care
for vegetables
managed to be
satisfied on less
than everyone else
but when the meat
was scarce and
the rice replaced
by bobor
when they started
adding banana stalk
or morning glory
to make the porridge
more filling
you sat there
ignoring their pleas
to just eat
and picked out
everything but
the meager bits
of swollen and
disintegrated rice

if you had been
even less picky
could we have
known each other?

you wore blue

today was a good day

i only woke twice before
the alarm sounded

then had the most restful
ten minutes of snooze sleep

wherein i dreamt of you

took a shower and
brushed my teeth

and had a haagen-dazs
bar for breakfast
on the way to work

i’ve already forgotten
everything that came after
but today was a good day


i know
some days
you feel
like a fraud

like people
are mistaken
in saying
how smart
and kind
and genuine
and talented
you are

well darlin’
i just want
you to know
it’s all true

and even if
it isn’t

you’ve fooled us
for so long
what’s a lil
while longer?