food for thought

an industrial designer told me yesterday
over pancakes, eggs, and hash browns
that when sketching, he likes to take inspiration
from something completely unrelated
to whatever product he is creating
like cars and watches or airplanes and lamps

so here i am staring at a half eaten apple
while thinking of you and poetry
and though “sweet” and “refreshing”
might be useful descriptors at some point
i am not sure you would approve of “cold” or “bruised”
and “firm” and “juicy” might be too suggestive

but as i am taking my time
oxidation has already kicked in
coloring the green-tinged flesh
into darker and darker shades of brown
quickly and completely
reminding me of the way your
southeast asian skin tans every year
when the warm spring winds
finally allow you to peel off
the long sleeves and boots
to expose tank tops and toes

and i am just staring at this apple
at a loss for words
but starting to remember
that i am still
a little hungry