to all the teeny tiny little ants
crawling around in my room

I know it’s that time of year
for you and your brethren
to come up out of your colony
and into my house
looking for water and food
and I’m okay with that, after all
they built our home on top of yours
but let’s make an agreement shall we?

feel free to create meandering pathways
that circle and crisscross and go straight through
electronic devices I thought were sealed
feel free to roam the walls and ceiling
explore the closet, desk, dresser, and floor
besiege the Cadbury egg left over from Easter
and even sip from my bedside glass of water
yes, do all of this with impunity
and I’ll ask only one thing of your swarm

stay off my bed
or more particularly
stay off me while I’m in my bed
or I will squish you

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