patiently you wait
that I will share
my thoughts and feelings
when I am ready

patiently I wait
that you will ask
the questions that show
you are ready to know me

we wait
in hopeful silence

tater tots

I am home after a day of work

my mother has been waiting for me

she has been watching Chopped

I can tell because there is

a covered plate on the table

a knowing smile on her lips

and a manic gleam in her eyes

she unveils her culinary masterpiece

cubes fried to a light golden brown

I lift one to my nose inhaling

the aroma of potato and bacon and oil

I toss it into my mouth

laughing as she smiles

I bite through the soft potato

crunch through crispy bacon

as I chew the texture changes

the mouthfeel becomes

something less hard than bacon

something less soft than potato

the taste becomes nutty

my laughter is gone

her smile has become a grin

the curve ball ingredient: sliced almonds


nine hours of wakefulness

and I am ready for a nap

my breathing slows

eyelids grow heavy

towards sleep

I start to slip


wanting it



a face flashes in my mind

I jerk awake

all desire for sleep vanishes

her smile remains

like the afterimage of lightning

across the night sky